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Eliza Rose

Eliza Rose | Quokka Family Brooch

$70.00 AUD

  • Coined as the happiest animals on earth, these little furry friends are too adorable for their own good. Often found munching on leaves or posing for “quokka selfies”, they lead very busy lives.

    There are two options with this brooch: a crystal-like acrylic (each piece looks different!) and a glossy block coloured version. Both have glittery green leaves that juxtapose nicely with the brown.

    A beautiful addition to any outfit, this brooch is made with 33 pieces and three layers of acrylic with hand embellished details. Cut in Brisbane and hand assembled in the Eliza Rose studio, this beautiful brooch is sure to add some joy to your day. Hopefully the munching sounds don’t distract you.

    • 75mm across, 76mm tall (Please note this is a BIG brooch - perfect statement piece!)