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Bobbi Frances

Bobbi Frances | Pea Flowers Earrings - Blue & Green

$47.00 USD

These statement earrings infuse your style with a vibrant pop of color, resembling the mesmerizing hues of an Australian sunset. With each graceful sway, they effortlessly capture the essence of the land's floral elegance, allowing you to carry a piece of Australia's natural splendor wherever you go. As you wear these captivating earrings, you become a walking masterpiece, radiating a sense of joy sophistication and playfulness.

Length: 63mm

Width: 50mm

All earrings are hand designed and assembled. 

Made with good quality acrylic. 

The main components are sourced from Australia.

All earrings have hypoallergenic surgical steel posts.

They are so light you forget you are wearing earrings.