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Mazdevallia - A Leopard Moth in the Valley of Flowers Earrings

$179.00 AUD

A wise woman once said, ‘Life’s too short for small earrings.’ That woman was probably wearing A Leopard Moth in the Valley of Flowers. This design dares to venture where no statement earrings have gone before. The length is extra… the colours are extra… hell, even the name is extra! At 165mm long and bursting with colour, these babies are impossible to ignore. Rock them with anything from a geometric jumpsuit to a black graduation gown. As long as you bring a boss attitude, you can’t go wrong! Ready to step out of your style cocoon? Go on, we dare you.

Length: 165mm
Width: 40mm at the widest part

Hot pink, and apple green metallic leather, sky blue leather, hand painted white leather and hand painted abstract designs on hand cut polymer clay shapes. 

*Please note* -  As these earrings are made by hand, there may be some very slight variations in the colours and shapes to the pair pictured.