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Blakbird Designs

Blakbird Designs | River Country - Queen Earrings

$70.00 AUD

River Country - unrelenting and far reaching our rivers sustain us and can seek to break us at times. We have seen that in recent Flooding here in SEQLD and Northern NSW. 

But we will heal and come together as a community by the banks of these rivers. This is where we have chosen our home, where we raise our children and where we will continue to do so. 

These rivers hold a profound spiritual significance in First Nations culture, as a place traditionally to gather to bathe, drink, eat, hunt and heal. We still do this perhaps in a different way than our ancestors but these rivers still guide us. 

We are but the custodians of the waterways and they will rise and fall as they have done since the Dreamtime.

Handpainted Australian Kangaroo Leather - approx 10cm drop and 4.5 cm at the widest point.

****These earrings are all hand painted and therefore may vary slightly from those in the photograph