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Blakbird Designs

Blakbird Designs | Sacred Tree - Queen Earrings

$70.00 AUD

The most profound statement I have heard which resonated with me was when I attended the Garma Festival in The NT back in 2019. 

"I am the trees and the trees are me." 

When we speak about connection to country I think many people think they know what that means but in actual fact it's almost unexplainable. 

First Nations have Birthing Trees and Burial trees.

We use them for so many parts of our culture and we above all respect them. 

And we must continue to protect them.

Handpainted Australian Kangaroo Leather - approx 10cm drop and 4.5 cm at the widest point.

****These earrings are all hand painted and therefore may vary slightly from those in the photograph