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Polka Polly

Polka Polly | Sky Goddess Arianrhod

$85.00 AUD

“Arianrhod is the Celtic Goddess of the Moon, the Stars and the Sky. She is also Goddess of the Wheel of the Year and Feminine Power, representing childbirth, magick, justice and the night.”

Sky Goddess Arianrhod is a vibrant, unique design made from our signature premium metallics in blues and rose gold, complemented with hand painted details in purples, pinks and light green.

Length 90mm Width 30mm (approx)

Shes a breeze to wear being ultra lightweight.

Golden stainless steel hooks.Genuine leather.

Handcrafted in Brisbane, Australia

* Please note – each piece of leather is unique, painted components will differ between pairs. Each set of earrings is paired to complement their own painted patterns.