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Betty Bright Lights

Betty Bright Lights | Banana Studs

$36.00 AUD

◾️Lightweight wooden pears designed and laser cut in Brisbane. Each pair is hand painted swirls of textured acrylic paint, has a gloss finish, uses tan leather remade into the stem from a Tsonga sample wedge ankle strap, matt green and metallic leather leaves, stainless steel hypoallergenic posts
◾️Width | 3cm
◾️Height | 6cm
◾️Weight | Normally a taboo subject but let’s celebrate loud and proud. Despite my healthy frame, you’d be surprised to know I only weigh about 14 grams in total.

Because I am a handmade being, some other slight imperfections may be present. I’m also from a small batch of makes, so the pair you receive may not be the pair on your screen now but it will be fab none the less.