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Blakbird Designs

Blakbird Designs | Hot Mess 2.0 - Blue

$70.00 AUD

Handmade in QLD by Nikki, a proud Gomeroi and Galpu women living on Gubbi Gubbi country in Meeanjin ( Brisbane).

Approx 8cm

Everyday we experience a sensory overload of colours and it is nice to know what those colours represent

 I chose blue as the primary colour for these earrings as it has positive effects on the mind and body.

 Blue can represent rest and helps with balance and self expression.


Blue has many different cultural significance around the world and light blue in particular can be associated with health healing tranquility and understanding.


For those that feel a hot mess and want to recenter themselves whilst still expressing thier love of colour and Self expression these are for you.


Handpainted Australian Kangaroo Leather