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Bon Maxie

Bon Maxie | Metal Standing Bunny Nose Earring Holder - White

$55.00 AUD

  • ūüźį Unique bunny-nose-shaped, easy-drop, split-path solution means your earrings are secure from shakes and knocks

  • Aims to please every earring style¬†around!

  • Just drop in earrings with their backs¬†into the Y¬†slot and let gravity do the rest

  • Extra storage on the side for 'long-term parking'

  • Comes in a¬†lovely gift box

Material: powdercoated metal

Size: Mini Bunny (A5 size 148x210mm) holds up to 93 pairs, Mid Bunny (A4 size - 297x210mm) holds up to 143 pairs BUT double up where you can for more!

Care: Use a soft, dry cloth to clean.