Concrete Jellyfish | A Bird
Concrete Jellyfish | A Bird

Concrete Jellyfish | A Bird

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Everyone sees the world differently, and sometimes a little magic and wonder shines through. 

Secret Garden is a collection based on Zeruah H Guernsey Caswell's 1832-35 Embroidered Carpet.The carpet was handcrafted over a period of 18 months by Zeruah in her own home. The time, patience, passion and creative skill in her work is truly magnificent. Her artwork now belongs to the Met Museum in NYC as part of their public art collection. 

Using a variety of mediums these pieces adorn the ear with a thing of creative and inspired beauty.

Approximately 5cm x 7cm

This is a light weight earring.

Made from hand painted resin, acrylic mirror, gold stainless steel chain. Surgical stainless steel stud.