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Eliza Rose

Eliza Rose | Blue Budgie Brooch

$70.00 AUD

  • Is there anything cheekier than a pet bird? Keep your beloved pet close by (or just show off your love of birds) with this brooch as a companion. I promise he won’t poop on your shoulder.

    This Australian brooch is soft and subtle, with gentle colours swirling and a very faint sparkle in the blue. See the matching watercolour painting I did back in 2016.

    A beautful addition to any outfit, this brooch is made with two layers of patterned acrylic with hand embellished details. Cut in Brisbane and hand assembled in the Eliza Rose studio, this beautiful brooch is sure to add some joy to your day!

    • 60mm across, 50mm tall.

    • Each piece is individual and colours will vary.