Lunar cherub heart drops | cherub multi and red mirror

Lunar cherub heart drops | cherub multi and red mirror

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Completely unique design perfect for Valentine's Day or for any day of the year really!!! 

For days when you don't want to make a massive statement but want the Sparkle - these gorgeous midi studs are perfect. These stunners have ruby mirror stud tops and a beautiful layered cherub in the glittery cloud scene. This beauties are wearable Art.

Measuring approx. a 40mm drop length, super light weight and fixed with hypoallergenic stainless steel posts upon the acrylic top.      

Please note - you are purchasing a handmade item. Resin begins as a free-moving liquid and will cure differently each time meaning that each individual earring within the pair will be different. The wearable art pieces contain an iridescent pink cherub with red/pink floating hearts all dancing above a white/pale pink glittery white bed of clouds with a transparent blue 'sky'.  Earrings may present with slight cosmetic imperfections, these are not considered a fault and are indicative in handmade products.


*Colours may vary depending on edit/monitor/device