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Lunar Dee | Ken the Kookaburra Hoops - Pink Coral - Marble

$45.00 AUD

Ken the kookaburra - a special edition made for 2023 - My kookaburra design has been around for a few years now and available in a few different colourways. For this release, I have enjoyed playing with marbling opaque resin colours and I wanted to make a gorgeous new special edition for these lovely kookas - Ken is extremely unique in his colouring. This is because each and every one is mixed differently creating different patterns and mixes when creating the resin. 

The colours used in this pink/coral version are pinks,coral, rose gold, and metallic pigments marbled with black pigment. A blue mirror wing accents this design and then a glossy coat of clear resin is painted on top. Hung from gold plated surgical stainless steel hoops.

Each pair is unique and colour placement will vary in each individual bird within the pair. 

Measuring 4cm in height, and perfectly lighweight.

All earrings are completely handmade by my own two hands this means that each individual earring within the pair will be different in terms of glitter/colour/pattern placement, making each bird unique. Resin begins as a free moving liquid and therefore is poured differently each time. Very slight cosmetic imperfections may be present but these do not affect the integrity of the earring design and are unique to handmade items