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Honeys Plant Climbers

Honeycomb Plant Climber | Purple Glitter

$30.00 AUD

This honeycomb plant climber was designed for those plants with smaller, more delicate leaves.

It has been designed to sit in a 100m grow pot and provide not only tall, but wide structure also. Just perfect for your smaller Hendra Ivy.

This climber is 26cm in height and has pointed ends to allow the smooth placement into your pot.  It is 16cm wide and the legs are 7.5cm apart. The size of each indivdual hex is about 3cm.


Colours can slightly vary from the photos and screen you are viewing on.

And always please be gentle when inserting the climber and make sure your dirt is not too hard.  Only clean with warm water and a microfibre cloth to keep it sparkling clean.