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Lolly Polly

Lolly Polly | Sprinkles Bangle - Colour Splash Matilda

$35.00 AUD


Designed to turn heads, empower, and make the world a little brighter!

Happy multi-coloured polymer clay sprinkles bangles.

BRAND NEW to Lolly Polly's collection are the Sprinkles Bangles. Clear tubing filled with loads of handmade polymer clay 'sprinkles'. They come in an assortment of colours and sizes designed to bring more fun to the outfits of both adults and children.

The inner area of the bangle measures approximately 60mm in diameter, and the full bangle is approximately 80mm in diameter.

These super fun statement bangles are so lightweight you'll forget you're even wearing them!

Being completely and individually handmade, no two bangles are ever the same. There will be subtle differences from the pair pictured, but they will made using the same colours and materials. 

Please take special care of your bangles and store them safely as they have each been handmade with lots of love.