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Lordy Dordie

Lordie Dordie | XLarge Foldaway Shopper Tote - Wildflowers

$20.00 AUD

Foldaway Shopper Tote - X Large size - Wildflowers

The practical Foldaway Shopper Tote bags folds away into a small pouch for maximum versatility. Perfect for use as a reusable shopping bag or for extra luggage when travelling.  With an easy wrap closure, these Foldaway Shopper Totes can be easily kept in your handbag or pocket and features the exclusive Lordy Dordie Sunshine Flowers, Little Village & Where the Wildflowers Are print. The bold & colourful designs won't fade and are water resistant. 

Please note: Print placement will vary from bag to bag.

Size: Shopper Tote measures approx 50cm x 42cm (69cm including handles) when unwrapped & laying flat.

Material: 100% Polyester - Shower proof 

Care: Can be wiped down with a sponge if you need to clean it!