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Mary Bobbin

Mary Bobbin | Nesting Loves Brooch

$62.00 AUD

Our Nesting Loves Brooch has been brought to life with a subtle glitter base that peeks through with movement, multilayered nest in shades of brown with speckled pastel eggs, finished with hand painted details.

Size: 68mm Wide  45mm High

Care: To ensure your handmade pieces last, please follow these simple care instructions. Do not drop this piece as acrylic can break. 

Store out of the direct sunlight as prolonged exposure may discolour some acrylics. Store in either boxes or use an accessory board in a dry and clean environment.

You may wear your accessories after makeup and various sprays or lotions have been applied. Any direct contact with these substances may damage your accessories. Please clean with a soft cloth.

Designed and hand made in Brisbane