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She Loves Blooms | Raffles With Kopi Brooch

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*Please note each monkey piece may differ from one to another, and it might differ from the one pictured. The 'monkey' fur piece uses a textured acrylic which can range in different tones. 

Raffles with Kopi [pronounced 'ko-peeh'], Singapore's black coffee with condensed sweetened milk. This is part of She Loves Blooms Animals with Singapore's hawker culture collection. This elusive monkey is the Raffles Banded Langur, and there are around 60 individuals left in the Singapore wild. Sir Stamford Raffles founded this creature in 1822. The Raffles langur is easily identified by its black coat, white eye rings and white stripe down its chest, belly, and inner thigh. Its appealing features attracted them to illegal pet trade in the 1900s which caused a heavy blow to their population numbers. Today, it’s dwindling numbers is caused by habitat loss.

I’ve paired Raffles with our local favourite morning drink - Kopi (Coffee) served in an enamel mug. In traditional style, the coffee beans are wok-roasted with sugar, butter and sometimes pineapple skin and maize, to a dark black-brown, then ground and brewed with a sock-like cotton strainer in watering can-sized pots. 

Height 68mm x Width 54mm

Info & Care: 

Each piece is made from laser cut and layered acrylic, hand assembled and hand painted. As our designs are lovingly glued, assembled and painted by hand there can be finger print marks and very slight variations and blemishes from piece to piece. Due to the hand mixed nature of the resins in our designs, it is common and normal to find tiny flecks or bubbles in the resin layers. All in all this just makes each piece as special and unique as you are.

Brooch clasps are made from silver-plated steel. Due to the use of high-quality silver-plating in our brooch clasps, tarnishing and oxidisation can occur, producing black and gold discolouration. As with all silver products, you can simply restore it using a silver cloth.