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Smyle Designs | Monarch Butterfly Studs

$15.00 AUD

Introducing our beautiful Monarch Butterfly Stud Earrings, crafted using recycled vinyl records and our original artwork. 

Our design showcases the stunning detail in the iconic monarch butterfly, making these studs the perfect accessory for nature lovers and supporters of ethical fashion.

Hand crafted with care and quality in mind, our earrings are made using surgical steel, hypoallergenic fixings, ensuring they are safe and comfortable to wear all day, even for the most sensitive ears.

Fun fact: Did you know that monarch butterflies are known for their incredible annual migration? These beautiful creatures travel up to 3,000 miles from Canada and the United States to wintering grounds in Mexico, where they form dense clusters on trees. This impressive journey takes several generations to complete and is truly a marvel of nature.

Size: 15mm x 15mm