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To The Trees

To The Trees | Flying Currowong Earrings

$27.00 USD

One of the most underated Australian birds in our opinion! Currawongs with their striking black and white feathers and their beautiful warbles, whistles and songs bring a lot of joy to our lives.
These are a digital reproduction of an original artwork made by hand carved stamps.

Wear a bit of Australiana with these environmentally friendly statement earrings. Light on the earth and light on your ears.

To The Trees earrings celebrate our incredibly unique Australian birds and florals and all things Australian. They’re super lightweight so perfect for sending overseas as gifts and you can be confident that even with the larger sizes they’re not going to weigh you down!

100% Made in Australia using sustainable materials (FSC certified wood from Australian Hoop Pine) and hand made sterling silver earring hooks. 

5cm x 3.5cm