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Cheeky Little Monkeys

Cheeky Little Monkeys | Glucojel jellybeans

$29.00 AUD

These earrings are so sweet they'll give you a toothache! Everyone's favourite pharmacy jellybeans are now available as earrings - Glucojel earrings!

Do you love food jewellery but want something out of the ordinary? Or do you simply have sweet memories of buying jellybeans at the chemist? Either way, we've got the perfect accessories for you. They also make a unique gift for a pharmacist, nurse or teacher.

[Glucojel approx. 35mm(h)]

Please note, these earrings are NOT waterproof! As they are made from wood and paper, Cheeky Little Monkeys does not recommend getting them wet.

*Colours may vary depending on the edit, monitor or device