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About Us

Welcome to Thousand Island Dressing, where accessories take centre stage, and art and homewares set the perfect backdrop. Our pride and joy? A dazzling array of jewellery, making us one of the country's go-to spots for all things shiny and unique.

With over 60 earring and brooch makers, many from the vibrant city of Brisbane, our flagship store in Paddington is more than a shop—it's a gallery bursting with colour and individuality.

At Thousand Island Dressing (or TID for short), we continuously strive to cater to the needs of our fabulous customers. Whether you're searching for the perfect gift or a little pick-me-up for yourself, our diverse range, from outrageously bold to elegantly simple, ensures there's something for every preference.


It's a thrill to meet customers who shopped with us as teens and are now bringing in their own little ones. We owe it all to you, our incredible and ever-supportive customers. A shoutout to the fantastic earring community on social media—your love on Instagram means the world to us.

Cheers to all, Leanne DeMartini, Owner of Thousand Island Dressing
 Leanne DeMartini, Thousand Island Dressing Owner

How It All Started

Brisbane-born, raised in PNG and Indonesia, my journey led me to fall in love with handmade silver pieces, fashion, and art in Bali. The dream to establish a gallery in Brisbane began to flourish, and despite encountering some scepticism, I persisted.

From Riverside Markets to wholesaling in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, the twists and turns finally brought me to Thousand Island Dressing—a gallery of earrings and artistic pieces from talented makers across the country, with a special shoutout to our beloved Brisbane creators.

The Thousand Island Dressing Team

And how amazing are these designs? A wholesaler at a Trade Fair down south once said to me “it’s so nice to see that you get excited over jewellery” and at that moment it occurred to me – yes, I absolutely, unequivocally love earrings. Big, fun, bold, bright (and mostly light) earrings. I rarely leave the house without them and seriously, even on a remote island I would consider wearing a pair. They are part of my identity. 

Recently, a customer shared, "Earrings lift my mood." It's true; there's something magical about strutting out with a fun, glam piece of art hanging from your lobes. 

So, a heartfelt thank you for your continuous support. And to our incredible makers, you're the heartbeat of Thousand Island Dressing. Without your masterpieces, our doors wouldn't be open.

Love and ear bling,



The Thousand Island Dressing Team