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About Us

Predominately an accessories store with art and homewares as a back drop, we have one of the largest selections of jewellery in the country.  Proudly supporting over 60 earring and brooch makers, many hailing from Brisbane, our flagship store in Paddington, Brissy is a veritable gallery of all things colourful and unique. 

Here at Thousand Island Dressing (or TID for short) we are constantly updating our ranges and pride ourselves on being people pleasers, ensuring you find a gift for that hard-to-buy-for-friend or a jewellery pick- me- up yourself.  Whether that be over the top out there, or crazily plain our ranges are staggeringly diverse.  There sure is something for every taste. 


We have now turned 20 years old!!!  Can barely believe it!  Its such a pleasure meeting customers who were shopping with us as teens and now bringing their own children in.  Without you our ever loving supportive customers we wouldn't be here.  And I want to also acknowledge the amazing earring community on social media.  All you amazing fans of 'locally made' who tag us and support us so often on Instagram.. you have no idea how we appreciate you.  The flow on effect that happens often equates to new people discovering our store and for this we are truly blessed.  All of our local makers, most of whom we have forged wonderful relationships with, and all of you, our invaluable customers who continue to support us and by doing so, our local makers as well. 

It goes without saying that the last couple of years have been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride due to the pandemic and floods we have experienced trying times along with the rest of the nation.  The whole experience however and the fact we are still here has made me feel forever grateful for the support and generosity of our community.  The good wishes and encouragement we receive from people either messaging us or popping their heads in through the door has carried us through the tough times.  

Also to our new online customers who have discovered us.  We overhauled our website and shook up our online store only two and a half years ago and are so excited to be showcasing SO many FABulous brands.  

Thank you so much.  And look forward to more love and bling as we rocket on towards Christmas 2022.

Bring it on x

 Leanne DeMartini, Thousand Island Dressing Owner

How It All Started

Born in Brissy but raised in PNG, my parents moved to Indonesia when I was 16. At the age of 22, I had the opportunity to work for a travel company in Bali and it was there I fell in love with the handmade silver pieces, fashion and art. I had a dream to open a gallery back in Brisbane, and dug my heels in (even though my family thought I was nuts.)

I had a long stint selling at the Riverside Markets (Brisbane’s first market) and wholesaling to shops in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney … and then I finally realised my dream.

After many twists and turns, I found myself here, at Thousand Island Dressing. A veritable gallery of earrings and artistic pieces – created by a diverse bunch of clever, hardworking makers all around the country. But mostly from good ol’ Brisbane.

The Thousand Island Dressing Team

And how amazing are these designs? A wholesaler at a Trade Fair down south once said to me “it’s so nice to see that you get excited over jewellery” and at that moment it occurred to me – yes, I absolutely, unequivocally love earrings. Big, fun, bold, bright (and mostly light) earrings. I rarely leave the house without them and seriously, even on a remote island I would consider wearing a pair. They are part of my identity. 

A woman came into the store just last week saying, “I’ve just discovered that earrings lift my mood.” And it’s absolutely true. It’s hard not to feel upbeat, strutting out of your house with a fun, glam piece of art hanging from your lobes. They certainly make ME happy.

And fortunately they seem to make you, our supporters and customers, happy too.

So thank you for all your support. And thank you to all of the mind-blowingly talented Makers out there who send your incredible masterpieces to us week after week. I really don’t think we would have our doors open without you. You’re our heart and soul.

Love and ear bling,