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Flowature | Midnight Daisy Droplets

$70.00 AUD

Adorn yourself with the irresistible charm of our Radiant Daisy droplets Earrings, where artistry meets elegance. These earrings feature gorgeous daisies that effortlessly captivate attention. The perfect blend of lightweight comfort and elongated length makes them a statement piece that adds a beautiful pop to any outfit.

Stainless Steel earring studs, Acrylic & Resin Hand Poured

Each piece is designed to be ultra light, weighing less than a 20c as a pair. Wearable art your ears will love.

Length 6cm Width 2.4cm

Flowature began in 2020 with a love for color and a mission to empower others to feel beautiful, nurtured, and confident through wearable art.

Each piece of our artisanal wearable art is designed to embrace your authenticity, empowering you to share your unique story through style.