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Mary Bobbin

Mary Bobbin | Penny Prawn Dangles - Hoops

$49.00 AUD

Description: Our limited edition resin pieces have been handcrafted using our original moulds, hand mixed glitter combinations and resin tones.
Choose your preferred style of a Hoop or a Stud Top.

Material: Made in Australia from hand poured resin and unique mixed glitter combinations.


PRAWN: 50mm long x 35mm wide

STUD TOP: 15mm x 15mm


Weight: 5 grams 

PLEASE NOTE: Each pair of our resin designs are one of a kind. They have been made in batches using the same mixture of pigments however the placement of these pigments will vary. Due to the nature of resin being a hand-poured medium, very occasionally there may be slight imperfections in the finished pieces, such as micro-bubbles, which don’t effect the appearance and performance of the item.

This product is handmade in Australia by Mary Bobbin