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Pixie Nut | Wallaby Australian Animal Earrings

$33.00 AUD

Charms are printed and laser cut from FSC certified 3mm ply wood and are very light weight. 

Earring posts are surgical stainless steel for sensitive ears.

Total Hang Length approx 55mm

Rock Wallaby Earrings

Made in Australia from our original hand painted design, these earrings are printed with eco-friendly inks onto light weight, sustainably grown hoop pine and paired with stainless steel hoops, perfect for sensitive ears!

There are 19 recognized species of Rock Wallabies. They are nocturnal animals that live in steep, rocky, complex terrain, often seeking shelter in caves or under overhangs during the day and at night, they venture out to feed, primarily on grasses, fruits, and other vegetation.

Rock Wallabies are quite small to medium-sized marsupials, with a weight range of 1-12 kilograms. They are extremely agile and can move swiftly through rocky terrains thanks to the soles on their flexible and well-padded hind feet, which have a rough texture that provides good grip on rocks. Their long and bushy tail helps them balance when they leap over boulders.

These animals are very social and form small colonies. They are highly territorial, with both males and females fiercely defending their home ranges as well as their den sites. Despite living in groups, they are usually quiet, but scientists believe that they communicate using a complex array of behaviours and chemical signals.